August 13 and 14 – Canberra to Albury Wodonga

August 13th– Canberra to Cootamundra

There was a very heavy fog early in the morning which cleared to another lovely day.  The drive was broken up by a stop in Gunning for Morning Tea and to admire the many old Holden murals on the side of one of the buildings, then a drive through the beautiful hilly country where sheep, cattle and even goats were seen on the green pastures.  Then on to Boorawa where members enjoyed admiring the many old buildings and our NZ crew member, Steve Day, honed his skills at separating wandering visitors from their loose change – he is a master of this art!  Steve has an Aunt Jenny living in Harden and here we were greeted with a wonderful spread of goodies from scones with jam and cream to tasty cakes and muffins.  Steve’s nephew Duncan and his nephew Zack had come by especially to catch up with Steve and to see the famous tractor.  Zack was thrilled to go for a spin in Charlie to be presented with a TEC cap to show to his friends back home.

By the time we reached our overnight accommodation at Cootamundra, it seemed a very good idea to follow up on a suggestion from the Caravan Park proprietors that a very nice dinner was to be had at the local RSL Club, so all the members of our crew enjoyed a very pleasant evening with great food and again, a chance to see Steve Day in action!  People were really generous to our fund-raising effort and seemed to enjoy his teasing way of approaching them.


August 14th – From Cootamundra to Albury/Wodonga

We had accepted an invitation from the Albury Wodonga Breast Cancer Support Group and their counterpart, the Prostate Cancer Support Group, to meet at The Cube in Wodonga for a get-together and handing over of donations.  The Square looked very festive with lots of pink ladies and pink balloons in evidence and all those present were pleased to have Charlie the Champion visit them. Many photos were taken with the two groups and the members of the Tail End Charlie team.  A small lad named Levi was thrilled to be allowed to climb into the cab of the tractor and to accept one of Ron’s teddies – these bring a smile wherever they are handed out.  The two big teddies were also getting lots of attention on the front of the tractor.  Many thanks to Robyn Daly who invited us to attend this enjoyable function.

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